Do you have a reluctant reader? Audio books can be a great way to get them motivated to read. This is also a wonderful way to help make a long car trip more endurable for both the parents and the kids.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to use audio books. Check out your local library and you may be shocked to find how many books are available in audio format for children. You may be able to play these books on a cd player, on your computer, or you may need an MP3 player.

There are sites online where you can get audio books. Many of these can be quite expensive in my opinion. A great place to find free audio books is: Keep in mind that all of these books are read by amature volunteers. Also, they only have books that are in the Public Domain. If you are trying to expose your kids to the classics then this is a great place to get free audio books.

Weather your family listens to them for enjoyment or as a way to motivate a reluctant reader, audio books are a great option!

Audio Books

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