My kids were enrolled in public school, years ago, and sometimes they miss it, especially during the back to school season.  They miss shopping for new clothes and shiny new school supplies.  I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve had to listen to them complain about how they “miss” school.  Strangely though, it isn’t their friends that they miss, because they’ve made new friends among the homeschool groups we belong to and the various activities we participate in.  But they miss things like back to school shopping, having a locker, riding the school bus, etc.  I can’t do much about the school bus, but I do take them back-to-school shopping now.  Homeschoolers like to look nice too, and after all, this is when everything is on sale.  School supplies really aren’t on sale at any other time of year, so I stock up in August on those too.

Back to school!

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