So you are having one of those days! You know the ones where your kids don’t want to do your regular homeschool curriculum and you quite frankly need a break as well. This can be a great time to break out the board games! You and your kids can play a few rounds of Banana Grams: to practice spelling or play some Rummy Roots: for some vocabulary building.

Board games can also be a great way to suppliment your curriculum. A simple google search will  bring up more games and ideas than you probably ever wanted to know about. I just might need to add Math Smart card games to our homeschool!

Don’t forget there are also computer games and videos that teach educational concepts too! A DVD favorite when my kids were little was the Leapfrog Video Series.

There might even be titles available to check out at your local library. There are also multitudes of sites available online devoted to educational fun. Of course any online activity should be supervised by a parent.

Board Games

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