It’s been awhile since I’ve allowed him to, but Manboy was starting to become quite the cook! He loves doing it, and I hate it so it’s a win-win situation. The only problem is that he really needs a recipe to follow. Most of the meals we’ve been having lately have had no recipe. It’s been check what’s in the pantry. Ok, what can we do with a can of spam, a can of soup and some veggies? Not really Manboy’s forte.

However, give him a recipe and a little bit of supervision and he can whip up a meal and a mess! Just how DOES he manage to use almost every dish in the kitchen?

I feel that it is great training for him. We don’t know if he may have to be a bachelor for a while or he may find some sweet girl and get married early on. That’s not even mentioning all the other practical skills he’s learning, such as how to read a recipe, making sure you have all your ingredients before you start, measuring, fractions, and let’s not forget, how to clean up your mess!

Chef Manboy

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