I’ve noticed that many school districts are starting to require community service as a gradation requirement.  I question the need for this with homeschoolers though.  Are any of you having your kids do community service?  With my seventh grader anyway, she’s so involved in so many different activities that I’m not sure how we’d add anything extra.  She does some community service projects through Girl Scouts and our church anyway.

I think homeschooling is just a whole different ballgame from public school anyway, and it seems like community involvement is something that should be organized by families, not by schools.  So in my planning for my daughter’s high school years, I’m trying to make sure she gets the foreign language and some of the other public school “extras” that help so much when getting into college, but I’m not real sure about the community service.  I think I’ll just document her service projects that she’s participating in anyway, and hopefully that will look good when it comes time to apply to college.

community service

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