This is the perfect holiday to use as an excuse for a creative writing assignment for your 7th grader!  Writing a short story about a wonderful April Fool’s Day trick is fun all around.  Don’t miss out!  Your kids can get their creative juices flowing, and it’s always fun to play a joke on someone else.  But it’s safer to write about playing a joke on someone else!  LOL

The history of April Fool’s Day is pretty interesting too.  It is said to have begun in France more than 400 years ago, but traditions differ across Europe.  In England, for example, you can only play tricks on other people until noon.  In France, if you fall for an  April Fool’s Day prank, you are called a poisson d’Avril, which means “April fish”.  You can even buy special fish-shaped chocolates in France this time of year!

creative writing on April Fool’s Day

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