Seventh grade is still middle school, I know, but there are programs out there for kids this age to begin college coursework.  My local community college has something called “early entrance”, where homeschoolers as young as 7th grade can enroll in college classes.  This is a big advantage to homeschooled kids, because at least where I live, there is no corresponding public school program for college classes this young.  I think most public schools these days have a mechanism for high school kids to enroll in college part-time, but for the middle school age group, this is extraordinary.  At least I thought so!  I’ve chosen not to enroll my 7th grader, and will instead wait until next year for 8th grade.  But then my child will be taking college English 101.  I don’t think it will be too difficult for her, but time will tell.  I’m very excited that these programs are available!

early college admissions?

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