Our family recently discovered a great new family activity, Geocaching! We have a special GPS device which we use to download caches from: http://www.geocaching.com. Once we have the caches stored in our device, it’s time to go hunting!

We consult our device to see where to start our hunt and then follow it’s directions till we get within a few yards of the cache. The cache itself can come in several different forms  and can be anything from a pill bottle hidden in the crook of a tree branch to an ammo box hidden under some moss in the woods. There are typically treasures hidden inside the container along with a log for you to sign when you find the cache. The smaller (micro caches) generally only contain the log however.

There are even puzzle caches where you have to figure out the clues in order to get the coordinates for the next clue! Some cachers like to leave signature items in the caches they find. One of the favorites we’ve found is a small rubber ducky with the words, “Mr. Duckie was here!” written on it in permanent marker.

Once we’ve found a cache, we record our find in our device and move on to the next one!

Geocaching 101

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