I think geography is one of those subjects that can be included with some other form of curriculum you’re already doing.  Geography can easily be part of a social studies curriculum, for example, and a lot of comprehensive social studies curricula will already include geography as part of the deal.  I don’t happen to use one of these with my kids, so I had to get creative to cover geography!

I went to the library to research geography for kids, and I found tons of books on the subject.  Then I just sifted through everything and picked out the things I found useful.  I also searched online and was so happy to find lots of free resources for kids learning geography, everything from geography gamesprintable worksheets  , to unit studies, and maps for download.  So I pieced together a little of this and a little of that and made my own unit study.  I think it covers the subject matter just as well as anything I could have purchased.


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