Ever wonder how homeschoolers keep their sanity? We laugh at ourselves! A LOT! And we provide ourselves a lot of material to laugh at. For instance, should you see me walking around mumbling to myself, don’t worry. I’m just having a parent/teacher conference! If you find yourself walking around mumbling, and in desperate need of something to laugh about, check out these two funny guys!

Todd Wilson speaks mainly to homeschool dads, although homeshool moms think he’s great too. You can find him at http://www.familymanweb.com/.  Todd has written several books including, “Help! I’m Married to a Homeschool Mom!”, “Lies Homeschool Mom’s Believe”, and “The Familyman’s Bathroom Book of Fathering”.

Tim Hawkins is a comedian who is also a Christian. He’s become increasingly more popular through You Tube and Facebook videos. His full length videos can be purchased at: https://store.tunafishcomedy.com/. I’ve watched some of these videos many times and still laugh myself goofy every time!

I wonder what it would be like to get these two guys together? Oh, wouldn’t that be a BLAST!! I want to be a fly on the wall at that meeting! But then I’d probably laugh so hard someone would come after me with a swatter. Just what DOES fly laughter sound like anyway???

Homeschool Humor

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