If a public school education is free, why would anyone want to homeschool and shoulder that expense themselves?  In reality, there are as many different reasons to homeschool as there are homeschoolers, but they’re no different from anyone else who wants to live frugally.   There are numerous homeschool curriculum programs, textbooks, tutoring, and enrichment activities available, and it’s easy to rack up quite a bill.  So how can you homeschool your children without breaking the bank?

The most obvious place to begin is the public library.  Among the books, DVDs and CD-ROMs are endless possibilities for learning.  Besides the usual storybooks for the little ones, and research paper resources for the older kids, many libraries have materials you can check out for learning a foreign language, prepping for the SAT, or applying to college.  I’ve even found homeschooling textbooks, and curriculum guides at my public library.  My own local library offers online resources too, such as the Mango program for languages.

homeschooling on a budget

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