My son has dyslexia, so I’ve been looking into private tutoring for him in reading.  The first thing I noticed was the price! OUCH!  A reading tutor generally charges $25-30 per hour in my area, and someone certified in one of the Orton-Gillingham methods of dyslexia tutoring often charges even more.  There was one lady I found who wanted $40/hr just for remedial reading tutoring.  Are you serious???

There are some cool online learning games and reading programs for kids, and we’ve tried several of those.  We like using the Time4Learning curriculum because there’s an option you can enable where this little parrot character shows up on your lesson pages.  It’s great for homeschooling with dyslexia.  The child can click and drag the parrot to whatever sentence or paragraph they need help with, and the parrot will read it aloud.  This helps my dyslexic son tremendously because he can complete the lesson by listening to it, rather than by having to read it.  This has made all the difference for him!

Remember now, dyslexics are perfectly intelligent people, they just have a problem with reading….specifically, they have trouble converting letters into sounds, which you need to do in order to read.  So this has been a wonderful program for us, to keep my son on grade-level and not falling behind.  Of course, I didn’t enable this parrot option for my other kids – they have to do the lessons the old fashioned way!   (and they complain all the time about how mean I am!  LOL)

homeschooling with dyslexia

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