With summer upon us, most of us are thinking summer vacations and no more school for awhile! Not all homeschools work like that though. You see that’s another great thing about homeschooling! We get to set our own schedule!

There are a lot of homeschools that follow the same schedule as the public schools. Maybe they have a sibling who is in public school or there could be tons of other reasons for this.

Other homeschools, including my own, continue all year. Why do I choose to continue all year? I have found that it tends to be very difficult for me to get my kids (and myself!) into a good routine. If we break that routine for too long, then its like we are having to start all over.

Another reason is because kids will inevitably forget some of what they have learned during a long break. I prefer to minimize the need to review material by trying to keep it fresh.

We do take 1-2 week, or sometimes even up to a month long, breaks for holidays, vacations or sometimes just because we need the break.

Homeschooling Year-round?

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