Every parent knows that unsupervised kids can get into plenty of trouble online.  They could unknowingly infect your computer with a virus, or even meet a child predator in a chat room.  As a parent, I’m always happy to find safe activities for my kids to do online, because if you make the computer the forbidden fruit, they will forever want it!  So, keeping internet safety for kids in mind, educational activities are a great way to let the kids online.  Plenty of parental supervision is always a good idea, but supplementing some of your homeschooling lessons with online resources is a great idea.

There are programs out there that you can install on your PC so your kids can only go to particular websites, or only access the internet during a certain time window, or need to have a password to get to certain sites.  These programs are a great tool to keep your kids from getting into trouble online.  It’s worth looking into.

internet safety for kids

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