Hi, I’m Dee and I will be your host for this blog! Please allow me to tell you a bit about myself. I’m one of those crazy ladies who teach my own children. If I wasn’t crazy before I started, I’m certain to be before I’m done!

My two passions in life are writing and crochet. I’ve been¬†married to the most awesome guy ever for almost 18 years. I call him, My Hero and he truely is!

Manboy, is my 7th grader. He is 12 going on 13 and loves to remind me that he will soon be a bonafide teenager. Fashionista is in 5th grade. She’s my 10 year old beauty. She gets her good looks from her daddy! Roboboy is the youngest at 9 years old. He is in 4th grade and is my special needs child. He has Aspergers which is also known as high functioning autism. My whole¬†family loves to play video games. I love to watch them play video games. Once in a while I like to join in.

We by no means have this homeschooling thing figured out. However, we are doing our best to enjoy the ride. I hope that you will too as you come along with us!


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