If you’ve been around homeshooling or homeshoolers for very long at all, then you have heard of this thing called lapbooking. So what IS a lapbook? You can kind of think of them as scrapbooks in manila folders. Pick a subject, any subject. The possibilities are endless. Learn about the subject and as you go have your children fill out little paper mini books with details of what they have learned. These mini books get glued into the folders to create the lapbook. You might consider getting a couple of your homeschool friends together and work on a lapbook as a group. You and your friends can take turns teaching the lessons to the kids. A couple of my dear friends and I did this for a time. We met once a week. The kids loved the chance to get together and were more motivated to learn by having their friends with them. You can find sites that publish and sell ready to teach lapbooks. http://www.handsofachild.com/ is a great place to start. Or you can come up with your own lessons to create your own lapbooks.


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