I once saw a home improvement show where the contractors planned to rip out and redo a section of the house where there were wall to wall and floor to ceiling book shelves. I was aghast! How could they do such a thing?? In my opinion there are few things more beautiful than a book shelf waiting to be filled with books!!

I know I’m not alone in this opinion. Most of the homeschooling moms I know, have an irrepressible love for books. We struggle to find room in our homes to store all the books we own. We find it difficult to resist new titles that intrigue us.

MyHero has been trying in vain for years to get me to get rid of my precious books. So I have managed to part with many of them. There are, however, many more that I’ve been unable to let go.

But, wait a minute! There are these great new inventions called e-books! And there is that ‘new’ technology called an e-reader! If I allow him to get me one of those for Christmas, I just might be able to clear some of these shelves yet! (wink!)

My Love Affair with Books!

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