I have yet to find a solid nutrition curriculum out there for homeschoolers. Most parents either use a science or health program that includes a unit on nutrition, or cobble together their own program from a multitude of resources, a little here and a little there. The best way for kids to learn healthy habits is, of course, by watching their parents practice healthy habits – but some folks might need a little help with that!

One great way to get help from other parents is through homeschool support groups. There are lots of these online, and plenty of local groups all over the country, where homeschoolers gather for field trips, play dates, and even co-op classes. The kids benefit from the activities, and the moms benefit from the exchange of ideas and collaborative effort with other homeschooling parents. Even in online support groups, some wonderful support bonds can be formed and nutrition ideas can be shared with other like minded (read: healthy-minded!) folks.

nutrition curriculum for homeschoolers

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