Someone please tell me why 7th grade boys have to be soo annoying!! I mean he’s a sweet kid, but he just LOVES to pester his siblings! It drives his mother absolutely BATTY. I loose track of how many times a day I say, “Manboy! Get away from your sister!” or “Manboy! That’s enough!”

I know that he will grow out this and right now that time can’t come soon enough for me! But then, will I find myself missing these times?? Most likely. He’s just becoming a young man all too fast. He’ll be 13 years old in just a few short days!

I must find a way to enjoy these times, after all, this is what I begged God for! I was unable to conceive for almost 4 years. It was after I completely surrendered my fertility to God that I found myself pregnant within a month! I’m convinced that God opened my womb.

So, Lord, You gave me these children. Please help me to enjoy them, even when they are driving me nuts.

Seventh Grade BOYS!

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