We all want our children to grow up to become productive citizens. It’s also important to me for my children to learn how to serve others. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want my kids to be doormats for the rest of the world. But I DO want them to be humble and willing to put other’s needs before their own. This is a tall order! So how does one accomplish this? I’m certainly not an expert, but I do have a few ideas:

  1. Be an example outside the home. My Hero and I serve in several different areas. I’m on the board of our local homeschooling support group, teach Fashionista’s Keepers group, and help out in the resource room at our church. My Hero helps our local crises pregnancy center with their database and also serves in the resource room.
  2. Be an example inside the home. This is where it can be the toughest but also where the biggest impact can be made on our kids. How do I respond when my husband asks me to help him with something?
  3. Let them serve. Manboy helps out in the children’s ministry at our church. There are lots of opportunities to teach this important character trait to our children!
Teach Your Children to Serve

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