Not all of us are blessed with backgrounds in art history, or having worked as a professional artist before having kids.  In fact, the majority of homeschooling parents do not have such experience.  So how can they teach their kids art?  There are, of course, numerous art curriculum out there, and many designed just for homeschoolers.  Often what is needed is just some time to sit down and sift through what’s available.  Some are more focused on art history, or learning about famous artists, or perhaps the well-known art styles through history.  Other programs may be geared toward more hands-on participation, and learning art by doing art.   These may require the purchase of art supplies however, which is an added expense many parents may not want.  There are still other programs online to teach kids basic art concepts through the computer, and these are a wonderful option for many.  If you live near an art museum or children’s museum, many do offer art classes for kids, and homeschoolers commonly take advantage of these resources too.

Teaching art

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