There’s so much to do, in your homeschooling,  in the fall!  I make fall journals for my kids each year so we can fill them up as the season progresses.  As a creative writing exercise, sometimes I just give them a few words of inspiration and see what they write.  I might tell them to imagine the smell of warm apple cider, or the rustling of leaves as the wind blows, or maybe the squishy feeling when you’re scooping the insides out of a pumpkin.  This technique garners some pretty interesting stories in their journals!

We also do leaf rubbings in their journals, and write poetry about autumn too.  There’s probably an endless variety of things you could do!  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Columbus Day, Veterans’ Day….it all happens in the fall.  Maybe even play some spooky Halloween music while they write – and have fun!

the sights and smells of fall

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