Many outside of homeschooling don’t recognize the difference between support groups and co-ops. A support group is a place where homeschoolers can share ideas, encourage each other and basically be a support to each other. Co-ops are the setting in which homeschoolers share the task of teaching each other’s children.

Co-ops can offer classes teaching anything from the 3 R’s to all kinds of extracurricular interests. Some meet once a month, others meet a couple times a week or once a week. They can be free or charge a tuition fee.

Co-ops are an excellent way to broaden your child’s education. They can experiment with learning things that you may not be able to teach them. Perhaps you don’t know how to sew but you want your daughter to learn. A co-op might be where she could aquire this skill.

Co-ops are also yet another way for our kids to interact with their peers. So when that nosy neighbor down the street asks the dreaded socialization question, you can let her know that you’ve got it covered!

What About Co-ops?

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