Have you ever heard of an “interdisciplinary” curriculum?   It’s one of the latest catch-phrases in the world of public school education, kind of the latest fad, if you will.   Interdisciplinary instruction simply means to coordinate resources and materials from multiple subject areas to cover a particular topic.  Many of us homeschoolers have been doing this for years, in the form of unit studies.  Even if your main curriculum isn’t structured this way, you’ve probably at some point done a unit study or theme unit, right?

There are entire homeschool curriculum aligned on this basis.  Konos comes to mind.  Five in a Row is one I’ve used personally with my own kids and absolutely LOVED.  I’m sure there are others, but the point is that the concept of interdisciplinary study is hardly anything new.   Marketing teams can put a new spin on it and try to sell it to you, for sure, but the bottom line is that kids learn the subject matter especially well when it is covered in multiple disciplines.  It works with my kids!!!

What is “interdisciplinary curriculum”?

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