What do you think of when you hear the word homeschool? Chances are, you think of ultra conservative,  Christians, who live in the boonies, grow all their own food and have a ton of kids. Would you be shocked to learn that the demographics of homeschoolers is changing? The fact is,  more and more people are choosing homeschooling as a viable option for lots of different reasons.

One growing group is homeschool parents of special needs children. Many of these parents are discovering that they can meet the needs of these children much more effectively than can the public schools. Homeschooling also gives more flexibility for working around various therapies needed by these children.

Not all homeschoolers are ultra conservative or even Christians anymore either. There are groups who consider themselves to be agnostic and/or atheists. Some parents have chosen to teach their children at home to protect them from bullies. Others have children who need more of an academic challenge than the public schools were able to offer.

The tie that binds all these diverse kinds of homeschoolers, is the realization that they can best meet their children’s individual needs by taking by taking direct control of their education.

What Kind of People Homeschool Anyway?

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