People used to routinely say,  “Oh, you MUST be homeschoolers!” when they walked into our house for the first time.  I’d usually jokingly ask, “Oh? What gave us away?”

We used to have an alphabet strip that went across the top of one wall when the kids were little. There was also a big calendar that I could change the month and days on. I’ve also had time lines going the length of our walls, lists of the rules of our home and there is a Ten Commandments poster made for kids, hanging on the door of the closet that hides the majority of my yarn stash.

One thing that has endured on our kitchen wall is two giant maps. One is of the United States and the other is a World map. These have prompted some great conversations with our kids over dinner. My kids can point out where most of their relatives live as well as several different continents and countries. Before our last family vacation, Roboboy figured out that we’d be driving through 5 different states.

It’s no telling what kind of things will find their way onto our walls as our kids move into the middle and highschool years!

What’s on Your Homeschool Walls?

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