We all have our own homeschool personality. This is generally a reflection of our own personality and teaching style, plus the needs and learning styles of our children.

Some of us have developed a very casual t-shirt and sweats kind of approach. Lesson plans have  no place in this homeschool mom’s repertoire. She lets her children follow their interests trusting that they will learn what they need to learn when they need to learn it.

Others have a very structured homeschool setting. Think tailored business suits! These moms have every minute of the day planned. They probably use text books as their favorite type of curriculum. You might even find that their spice rack is organized alphabetically.

Most of us probably fall somewhere in between the two of these. I’m thinking shabby chic. We probably use lesson plans and you’ll probably find a few text books on our shelves. We may also be excited to tell you about the online homeschool curriculum we are using or you could find us watching a video from the History Channel!

So whats your homeschool personality?

What’s Your Homeschool Personality?

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