One of the thing’s people always want to know is, “Why did you choose to homeschool?” For me it was just something I always wanted to do for my children. I have an Aunt who homeschooled my cousins for a time. I was also privileged to live with a family who homeschooled when I was single.

One of the major reasons we homeschool is because of the state of the public school system. Everytime I hear a horror story of how some child has been bullied by another child, or first graders being taught the facts of life, it reinforces my feeling that I’m doing what’s best for my children.

We also wanted to be the ones shaping the character of our children. I believe that a big part of homeschooling has nothing to do with academics.

Another reason was so that I can spend time with my kids. Yeah, I have to wonder at this one too! But really, why would I want to have children in the first place if I don’t want to spend time with them? We are hoping that our kids will be close as they grow up spending time┬átogether as well.

And the final reason? I’ve always been a bit of a non-conformist anyway!

Why Homeschool???

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