It’s summer, but not all homeschoolers are taking a break.  It’s become more and more common in recent years to continue homeschooling through the summer months.  Sometimes the summer months are used to catch-up on things from the previous year, or even to get a jump start on subject matter for the coming school year.  Homeschoolers are busy people, and quite often they find themselves over scheduled, so taking some time in the summer to get caught up is often a great idea.  Some parents use the summer to teach the peripheral subject matter, like art, music, or nutrition, and during the regular school year they focus on the core subjects.  Of course, just because you don’t take the summer off doesn’t mean you have to homeschool full-time, or as much as you normally do during the school year.  A more relaxed atmosphere often prevails in summertime homeschooling.

year-round homeschooling

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